Garden Art

Garden Art

Art work in your garden provides a critical focus and point of interest, no matter what the season. We can find the perfect piece….

Garden Inspiration

Be inspired – garden shows and events, gardens to stay in,  new garden books, all aimed at sparking your creativity and finding new ideas…

Garden Help

Got ideas, but need help bringing them to fruition or don’t even know where to start, find  that help right here. Garden designers, landscapers…

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”

Claude Monet

Latest Blog Posts
  • Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail

    BY | 7 November 2018

    The Taranaki Sustainable Backyards Trail was a new feature of the Taranaki Gardens Festival this year. It showcased the grittier side of gardening. No topiaries here. Not an iceberg in sight. This was living off the…

  • Return to the Naki and Waiongana

    BY | 7 November 2018

    Last year we were blown away by the incredible gardens in The Taranaki Garden Festival. This year was no different. Unfortunately the weather gods were not  kind and we often were touring wearing our raincoats. Nevertheless…

  • Eva and Heina at home in Whanganui – a happy reunion

    BY | 15 November 2017

    We have not visited Whanganui for some time so we made the tourist pilgrimage to i-Site and obtained an Arts Guide. In case you have missed the point, we love garden art so were delighted to…